Summer time skin care tips

Every weather has its own plus and minus when it comes to the skin care. Winters make your skin dry and dull whereas summers make your skin oily and prone to breakouts. Different skin type people faces different issues in every weather. Summer time can be difficult, especially for our skin. But to make your skin summer ready, I am sharing few summer time skin care tips which will help you get that heathy glowing skin. But before that lets look at the skin problems we might face during the summer time.

Skin problems during summer

  • Acne breakouts
  • Irritated skin
  • Prickly heat
  • Sunburn
  • Tanning
  • Melasma
  • Folliculitis & so on

Skin care tips for summer time

Summer time can be very difficult time for our skin. All the heat and humidity will wreck havoc on you skin. But there are few things you can do which will reduce the impact of that scorching hot summer.

1. Sunscreen

Make sunscreen your best friend for this summer. Sunscreen is used to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. It helps you protect from suns harmful UV A and UV B rays which cause sunburn and tanning. Just apply the most suitable sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before you go out. There are many varieties of sunscreens available in the market, with different powers ( like SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50 and so on) different brands, different ingredients. Choose the best that suits your requirements, your skin type and your budget. But do not forget to use a sunscreen lotion whenever you are going out in the sun this summer.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells from your surface of the skin. Your skin care routine should always consist of exfoliation aka scrubbing. But make sure you are exfoliating your skin regularly during the summer time. Summers are hot & sweaty and this sweat along with all the pollution in the air clogs your skin pore. This increases the chances of acne breakout or blackheads or whiteheads. To tackle this problem, you should include exfoliating or scrubbing as your regular skin care routine. There are multiple ways you can exfoliate your skin. By the use of exfoliating brush, sponge, glove or scrub. Regular exfoliation will make your skin look healthy and fresh, so don’t forget this step during your skin care routine. To make your own skin exfoliator at home, read this.

Exfoliation for summer time skin care

3. Hydrate

Not only your body but also you skin needs to stay hydrated. Hydrated complexion looks more healthy, younger looking and supple. Hot and humid climate conditions during summer will result in sweating and can lead to dehydration. Adequate amount of water intake during any weather conditions is must, but during summers you should drink lots and lots of fluids. Adequate water intake helps our system flush out any toxics in our body, keep us cool and help us improve elasticity of our skin. This will result in lesser wrinkles and more radiance for our skin.

4. Weather specific products

Do not forget to change your skin care products with the season. Different weather conditions brings in its own advantages and issues. Like during winter because of cold and dry weather we have to use intense hydration moisturisers and if we keep using the same moisturiser during summer, it may lead to oily looking and heavy feeling skin. Thats why change your intense moisturiser to a lighter moisturiser with SPF. Same rule applies to all other skin care products you might be using like face wash, face scrub, body wash, body scrub even to your hair care products from shampoo to hair serum. Updating your products as per the season will give you maximum benefits of that product.

5. Cleansing, toning, moisturising

Whether its a summer or winter, you should never forget about our good old cleansing, toning and moisturising skin care routine. I will say you should unmistakably follow this routine during summer. As sweat attracts more pollutions and dirt on your skin, clogging pores and resulting in acne. Not only clogged pores, heat during summer also cases breakouts for lot of people. Along with tips shared above, cleansing, toning, moisturising is a key to healthy and clean skin during summer. Cleanser will remove dirt and pollutions off your pores. Toning will restore the natural PH level of your skin and remove any residual makeup, dirt and pollution off your skin. And moisturiser will keep your skin cool, reduces extreme dryness or oiliness and conceals skin blemishes.

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6.Minimum makeup

Summer time should be your no makeup or minimal makeup look time. Don’t clog your skin pores with too much of makeup during summers. Let your skin be light, clean and breathable. Sweat, dust, dirt, pollution and makeup is not a good combination for a healthy skin. You can completely avoid doing makeup or you can do minimal makeup like just the foundation powder or the lip gloss. Try not to put lots of layers on your skin. And do select makeup product which are suitable for summer time. Let’s think that its a good time to experiment different looks with your makeup.

7. Pay attention to eyes, lips & feet care

Do not forget about your eyes, lips and feet, summers will be harsh for them as well. Wear goggles while going out. Avoid eye makeup as much as possible and whenever possible cool your eyes with an eye mask. Your lips also need some extra care. Hydrate them well with tinted moisturiser with SPF to keep them safe from harmful sun rays. For feet care, get a pedicure whenever possible. Avoid wearing boots or shoes, keep your feet ventilated. Apply moisturiser and exfoliate your feet as a part of your skin care routine this summer.

8. Maintain good health and hygiene

You should take good care of your health and overall hygiene during the summer time. Eat fresh, home cooked food. Avoid sugary drinks or aerated drinks, replace them with fruits, fruit juices or other natural coolants. Do not forget about exercising. But also give your body enough time to rest.

Maintaining good hygiene is the key in this harsh hot weather. Take cold water bath once or twice a day. Use breathable clean clothes. Use natural remedies to deal with the body odour along with perfumes and deodorants.

Have fun this beautiful season.

With these above tips, you do not have to worry about your skin taking the brunt from the harsh summer. Just take some care and go out there to enjoy this beautiful weather without any fear.

Comment me below to let me know your summer skin care tips and favourite products this summer.

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