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How to choose the right makeup foundation?

I think you will agree that us women love makeup. Either we like getting makeup done or buying new makeup products or simply watching makeup videos online. But when it comes to doing our own makeup, many a times we cannot achieve the look we desire. Our makeup does not look as beautiful or flawless as of that lady in the video or photo. I think the answer to this question is, using wrong makeup products or techniques. Out of which the most common issue is that we do not choose the right makeup foundation.

I know you might ask, why a whole blog on choosing the right foundation and not all the makeup products? Because as name suggests, foundation is the base, actually the foundation for your makeup. And choosing the right makeup foundation will give you the perfect start to your desired makeup look, whether it is a natural makeup, party makeup or bridal makeup. And you can build the remaining makeup as per your liking. Right makeup foundation is the first step towards achieving that flawless, professional looking makeup and mastering it is the key to your perfect makeup

Before I jump into answering one of the most frequently asked question- ‘How to choose the right makeup foundation?’, you should also know what is a makeup foundation, what all types are available in market and what are the characteristics of each one of them and what are the differences.

So what is a makeup foundation? Makeup base is a makeup product that hides the skin imperfections (if any) such as pores, pimple marks, fine lines, pigmentations etc. and gives a smooth and clear palette or surface to further makeup application. It is a skin coloured product that covers skin problems and makes it appear even.

Types of foundation

There are many different types of foundations available in the market. Don’t worry if you are hearing some names for the first time or have never used them. Following are the few foundations currently popular with the makeup enthusiasts.

  1. Liquid foundation
  2. Cream foundation
  3. Powder foundation
  4. Stick foundation
  5. Whipped or mousse foundation
  6. Tinted and BB, CC, DD cream
  7. Airbrush foundation
  8. Serum foundation
  9. Mineral Powder
  10. Cushion type foundation

After reading the list, I am sure you know why I decided to write this blog. Each foundation has its own features, coverage, longevity, finish & shades. So how can you choose which one is the right for you? Don’t worry, I will help you out.

Find the right makeup foundation

With so many options available, it is absolutely possible to get confused. And we not only have to choose which product, but we have to find the right shade, right finish, right coverage too. So how do we do it? Let’s start with a step by step selection process.

First step- Find out about your skin

To know the right foundation for us, we should first know everything about our skin. What is our skin type, skin problems etc. Let’s break this down more and find more about:

Skin type– Before you can decide which is the best makeup foundation for you, you should know what is your skin type out of these different types.

  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin
  • Sensitive skin

Skin imperfections & problems- Know if your skin has any problems or imperfections like pimples, dark circles, blackheads, whiteheads, wrinkles, acne scar, pigmentation, unclogged pores or any other.

Skin undertone- Skin undertone is our natural colour that lies beneath our outer layer of skin. Most of us have very little or no knowledge about our skin undertone which is vital in finding the most suited colour tone for us. You can find out your skin undertone with few small tests. Find the tests here

Second step- Know your foundation requirements

To find out the right product for you, you should know what exactly you are looking for. Same rule applies here. Here are the things you should know that will help you find the best suitable makeup foundation for you.

Coverage of the foundation– What type of coverage are you looking for? Light, medium or full coverage? Or are you looking for the buildable coverage? If you know what type of makeup coverage you need:

Makeup finish- Know what kind of finish you are looking for. Is it Matte or Dewy or Luminous. Matte finish will make your skin shine free and keep it looking smooth. Dewy finish which is opposite to matte finish will make your skin shine. And luminous will suit those people who neither want complete matte look nor wish for shiny look from dewy finish. It is somewhere in middle.

Longevity- How many hours you want your foundation to stay on your face? Different foundation formulas have different longevity. For some events you might want long lasting makeup but for some events you can compromise on the how long does the makeup stay, for some other feature.

Third step- Choosing the product

Different foundation formula and textures– Next thing you should find out is, if you have any preference as to which formula or texture of foundation you prefer or like. There are various options to choose from like liquid foundation, cream foundation or powder foundation.

Find the right shade– There are n number of shades available in the market when it comes to makeup foundation. So to find the right shade as per your complexion, you should always

  • stick to your original colour while choosing the foundation colour. Not a shade light or a shade darker.
  • Test your foundation on your jawline and not on your hand as your skin colour can be different on both the places.

To conclude- Here are the things to consider while choosing the makeup foundation for your skin.

  1. Your skin type
  2. Skin problems or skin imperfections if any
  3. Your skin undertone
  4. Coverage of the foundation
  5. Finish of the foundation
  6. Formula and texture of the makeup foundation
  7. Shade of the foundation.

It can be intimidating for some people to do all this research for just one makeup product. But believe me, if you want that professional, flawless looking makeup base, you should give a serious thought in choosing the right makeup foundation.

Let me know your favourite foundation in the comments section below.

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