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Hair care tips and myths 2021

Is it okay to color my hair? Do I need to cut my hair every 3 months? Should I use a dry shampoo or regular shampoo? We have heard so many strange stories when it comes to hair that we fall prey to such stories in the urge to get long, healthy & shiny hair. But now, we all have access to the latest products in the market & all the information we need to bust these hair care myths and get as many tips as we want.

Every person’s hair and hair requirements are different and it is important to understand that things that work for someone may not necessarily work for others, which I am trying to decode today with some possible logical explanation.

So let’s understand the facts & some myths about hair.

Top Hair Care Myths and tips

  • Cutting your hair makes them grow faster
Cutting your hair will not make it grow faster.

This is one of the most common myths you will hear. Cutting your hair frequently does not speed up hair growth. Hair grows from follicles found in the scalp. So shortening your hair at its end has no effect on future hair growth. Our hair grows half an inch every month irrespective of whether you cut it or not.

However, I would still suggest cutting hair regularly, as it helps eliminate split ends and makes hair look fuller, better and healthier.

  • If you pluck one grey hair, two grow back
A woman trying to pluck her hair
Plucking your grey hair ? Not so good for your hair

Again a very popular hair myth. Plucking a gray hair will not result in two growing back. On our scalp, one hair strand grows from one follicle. So if you pluck one hair strand, another will replace the plucked one. But it is not possible to grow multiple hairs from the same (one) follicle, no matter what color hair you plucked.

The logic behind this story is that, when you pluck one grey hair, you do not just have that one, but there are multiple grey hairs, whether you pluck them or not. You just start noticing more greys once you find one 😉 Though plucking one grey hair does not result in two growing back, it is not advised to pluck hair as it damages the hair follicle, leaving a scar leading to weaker hair.

The best way to deal with grays is to get good quality hair color or hair extensions.

  • Brushing your hair more will make it healthier
 A woman brushing her hair
100 brush strokes a day is a myth.

Some say 100 brush strokes a day makes your hair healthier. This is not completely true. 100 brush strokes every day are excessive, unnecessary and also time-consuming. Excess combing/brushing does more harm than good. The belief behind this theory is that brushing your hair will distribute natural oil and also stimulate your scalp, which is true. But the 100 strokes theory is unnecessary.

You should brush your hair till they are knot and tangle-free or only when you require specific styling. That is the right amount of brushing needed by your hair. Also to achieve maximum benefits from brushing, you should use soft bristle and wide-tooth comb and start combing from ends rather than roots. Excessive brushing can result in hair breaking, frizzy look and leads to weak hair.

  • Hair Color will damage your hair
color application
Is coloring your hair a good idea or not?

Again this is a very old theory ( or I should say Myth) that is half true. ‘Bleaching’ your hair damages it, making them thinner and prone to breakage. Using low-quality hair color or bleaching is a complete no-no. But it’s not completely true that coloring damages your hair.

If you are using good quality hair color with the intention of making your hair darker (and not the lighter, for which you use dye) actually improves the health of your hair as adding color will plump up your hair strand, make it thicker, look fuller and more conditioned. But all these benefits depend on the brand, color, and chemical composition of the hair color you are using. So in a nutshell, coloring does not result in hair damage unless you are dying your hair for lighter or completely different colors.

  • Split ends can be repaired
A woman with her hair open
Can split ends be repaired?

Split ends are the most common problem faced by many. Many hair products in the market claim that they repair split ends. But there is no way you can repair or restore your hair with the help of any products once they have split ends. You get split ends when the outer protective layer of your hair called ‘cuticle’ is damaged and the only way to repair it is by regularly getting a haircut or by trimming them off.

This is why you should cut your hair frequently (once in 3 to 4 months) and not make them grow faster. And recommendation is not to purchase hair care products on their claims of repairing split ends. There are certain products that can make split ends less noticeable such as conditioners, serums or beeswax which can be used till you get rid of split ends completely.

Above 5 are the most common myths when it comes to hair, but these are not all. There are so many more myths, such as

  • You get dandruff because you have dry scalp- Incorrect
  • Air drying your hair is better than blow-drying- hmmmmm…. Not always
  • Dry shampoo is better than regular shampoo- only in certain cases.
  • Fine and oily hair should not be conditioned- Incorrect

And the craziest one…

  • If you do not wash your hair, it will clean itself- NO NO NO

There are many such theories we have been hearing for a long time. I will say some are partially true, some are not relevant anymore because of the latest and updated products and some are completely untrue. Let your logic do its work when someone tells you any such things. Don’t just blindly follow others. Remember every person is different, their health, scalp, genetics, hair texture, problems, and requirements all will be different. Do what works best for you and when in doubt, listen to the experts but do not fall prey to such myths.

Hair and skin are two most important aspects of any person’s appearance and taking the right care to ensure healthier hair is every individual’s responsibility. Read some important skin care tips here

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